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Macquarie Place Chiropractic Centre

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Marie Tassone-Wood





Marie Tassone-Wood is a Natural therapies practitioner qualified in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Remedial Massage, Reflexology & Iridology. Marie is an organic enthusiast committed to serving the local community for the past 20years.


Marie has a keen interest in the healing power of herbal teas & draws on her herbal knowledge to formulate unique & functional organic herbal tea blends. The discovery of Cryotherapy has been an exciting journey & a valuable addition to Marie’s Natural therapies. Cryotherapy or ‘Cold Therapy’ is exposing the body to below zero temperatures with the use of extremely cold air. This can assist in reducing inflammation, speeds recovery time & also has a positive anti-aging effect. Marie offers localised Cryotherapy treatments along with her unique Anti-aging & skin improving facial treatments here at Macquarie Place Chiropractic Centre.